Monday, June 4, 2007

Gone with Google

The cool feed Generator about which I mentioned in my last post is acquired by google (they have not mentioned about the size of the deal).

Some drivers which I see which might have pushed for the deal are

1. Most of the users of blogspot were using feedburner

2. Google didn’t have one such feed generator with such features

3. As I mentioned there site stats may prove to be Google analytics for blogs

4. Google didn’t want to miss out the revenue generated through ads in feeds( for google this is like striking a new oil reserve).

The last one is one of the most compelling!!

With feed burner getting acquired some features which I see might be introduced by google for its blogspot users are

Trends for blog –showing site stats-this will be just a click away

Feed stats – obvious they would use it

Adsense in feeds

With a group of VC’s funding feed burner,it’s the best deal they can get around “Acquired By google”, so about the queries that arising out of the minds of feed burner users , here is the faq provided by feed burner. This might be good news for blogspot users but the future with feed burner for other bloggers depends upon how google turns it out. Lets keep our fingers crossed !!

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Saravanan said...

Nice!! Between try to get good feed readers I finally ended up using google feed reader as you suggested before...

-Saravanan S