Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For bloggers: Feeds for the blog

As a frequent reader of blogs using feed reader, I wanted to create feeds for my blog (even though I haven’t posted that many articles) but its better to start in the initial stage, so that it would give me a clear understanding of how things work out.

There are two ways through which you can make your feeds to be subscribed

The first one is the default feed provided by blogger (in my case), which can be seen at the bottom of the page. Just by clicking on it you can subscribe to the feed.

The second method is to use a third party tool for creating a feed, I found out FEEDBURNER by scanning through almost all the famous blogs. I chose to use to use feed burner for the below reasons

Though painfully we have to register and do some formalities, once registered we can immediately follow there instructions for different popluar blog hosting sites. The instructions I followed for the blogger was very simple and fast. There by I added the icon for subscribing to the feed as a widget to the right of my page. For bloggers who don’t use those you need to copy-paste few lines of code in your blogs.

Facts and Stats:

Feed burner provide some interesting facts and stats on the feeds and its subscribers,

Soon will be posting about stats in the blog.They do provide stats on the sites too (a smaller version of Google analytics for your blog).

These were two simple reasons why I chose feedburner, but there are lot more features to be exploited depending upon our requirements, once I try my hands with other features will post updates regarding that.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

power of punctuation

power of punctuation
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Monday, May 21, 2007


With the growing popularity of internet and population of websites competing with humans, we need a smartest and easiest way to surf internet and find information, which we want in shorter time without much distraction.

To start with I will list down tools that helps me in my pursuit ,these are tools which I feel are best.

  1. Firefox :

The Free and open source web browser certainly enhances your vision towards the World Wide Web, it gives freedom from the ever hanging and slow IE. The fact it is open source gives the developers and non developers, the flexibility to customize and enhance the way we can surf. There are other major developers like Greasemonkey who develop and post lot of useful add-ons.

  1. Google :

The one stop shop/the gateway for almost all my requirements over internet. This needs no further explanation from me.

Gmail :

The easy to use and flexible Google's free web mail service makes the mailing experience a faster and easier one, with the usual Google’s way.

Google Reader

It is a web-based aggregator capable of reading atom and rss feeds. An easy and faster way to read and keep track of updates of lot of sites and blog,. before trying out Google reader ,I tried my hands with some other readers which needs to be installed in my lappy and was not easier to use ,so never was interested in the feed/atom readers ,but with Google reader my aversion towards reading feeds has been made into one of my Favorite hangouts in web.

Google notebook

An innovative online note book which can be loaded in the browser and can be used to bookmark webpage and also to type some relevant comments ,its main feature is the ability to share the notepad and also access it from anywhere in the world.

And there are lot more available in the GOOGLE basket.

  1. reddit

The best way to read “what’s new online” and to know what the hottest news in international arena, it’s a social bookmaking website and in almost all the important blogs and news websites u can see it logo, depending upon the votes a particular article gets it is displayed in reddit homepage.


(The word, Kappu, in Tamil means "the act of the author taking refuge in the Almighty before writing a book".)

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